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DNA India | 21 Feb 2017

ASEAN unsettled by China's weapon systems, tension in South China Sea

Southeast Asian countries see China's installation of weapons systems in the South China Sea as very unsettling and want to prevent militarisation and urge dialogue to stop "recent developments" from...

CNN | 20 Feb 2017

South China Sea: What's at stake

(CNN)Dotted with small islands, reefs and shoals, the South China Sea is a crucial shipping route and home a messy territorial dispute that pits multiple countries against one another. Tensions in the... | 13 Feb 2017

[VIDEO]: Rolls-Royce Seeks 20 Percent Cost Cut Using Automated Cargo Ships

Using a fleet of automated vessels across Northern Europe, Rolls-Royce is hoping to cut the cost of sea travel by up to 20 percent, Yahoo News reported Monday. The car manufacturer plans to team up...

Maritime News

Top 10 Maritime Nations: Ranked by Value

The March 2017 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News focuses on SINGAPORE, as this maritime powerhouse struggles to maintain balance and influence through the offshore oil and gas downturn. Looking at the "Top 10 Nations" ranked by value...

Topix 2017-02-22

Philippines: Abu Sayyaf ‘likely’ behind Vietnam freighter attack

MANILA: Filipino Islamic militants were likely behind an attack on a Vietnamese cargo ship in which one crew member was killed and six others abducted, Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay said on Tuesday. The MV Giang Hai was hit by unknown...

The News International 2017-02-22


Back when I started reviewing books for WHO I allowed myself the indulgence of seeking out naval photo archive books to feature on this page. The site has grown but I still love these books and it stems from my day job where I have access to quite a...

War History Online 2017-02-22

Ocean Summit in Bali to discuss future of ‘blue’ economy

With seas around the globe facing unprecedented pressures caused by humans’ reckless endeavors, ranging from exploitative fishing to pollution, prominent international institutions and industry leaders as well as scientists and government...

The Jakarta Post 2017-02-22

Exchange of congrats on ties (The Presidency of the People's Republic of China)

(Source: The Presidency of the People's Republic of China) BEIJING - Premier Li Keqiang and his Sri Lankan counterpart, Ranil Wickremesinghe, on Feb 7 exchanged congratulations on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of...

Public Technologies 2017-02-22

Indonesian officers receive award from German military

Thirteen Indonesian officers from the Maritime Task Force of KONGA XXVIII-I/UNIFIL of the Indonesian ship of Bung Tomo 357, serving in world peace missions in Lebanon Sea, have received awards from the German military. A ... ......

Antara News 2017-02-22

A Look Into WWII Hidden Battlefield – Diving into D-Day

A visit to Normandy gives a real sense of WWII, the impact of D-Day and the devastation that occurred once those...

War History Online 2017-02-22

Future of JFK’s Cold War Bunker in doubt

The Port of Palm Beach and the operators of the bunker where President John F. Kennedy would have been protected had World...

War History Online 2017-02-22

When Iran Air Flight 655 Was Shot Down By A US Navy Guided Missile Cruiser

The USS Stark listing to port after being hit by two Iraqi Exocet missiles Photo Credit In 1988, a US warship shot down an...

War History Online 2017-02-22

U-571: Fiction To The Point of Insult?

For fans of 20th-century war-action maritime films, the 2000 picture U-571 should be a good time. Make some popcorn, go ahead. It even won an Academy Award for sound...

War History Online 2017-02-22

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