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CNN | 17 Aug 2016

Malaysian oil tanker hijacked, taken into Indonesian waters

(CNN)A Malaysian oil tanker has been hijacked and taken into Indonesian waters, Malaysian authorities said Wednesday. The MT Vier Harmoni was carrying about about 240,000 gallons...

The Guardian | 15 Aug 2016

Two-century-old shipwreck to emerge from sea at Devon beach

Most likely the remains of the Sally, which ran aground with its cargo of port in 1769, the wreck will be visible at low tide...

Maritime News

Inaugural chief for Victorian Ports Corporation (Port of Melbourne Corporation)

(Source: Port of Melbourne Corporation) The Andrews Labor Government recently announced the appointment of experienced maritime and freight executive Rachel Johnson as the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of Victorian Ports...

Public Technologies 2016-08-31

Spring 2016 Guide (Devonport City Council)

(Source: Devonport City Council) Published on 31 August 2016 Council is pleased to once again present our seasonal community events and activity guide. The focus of this is about learning new skills and getting out and about, following the cooler...

Public Technologies 2016-08-31

Hanjin Shipping’s Board Votes to File for Court Receivership

Hanjin Shipping Co. will apply for court receivership after lenders decided to halt all support to South Korea’s biggest container shipping line. The company’s board decided on the move at a meeting in Seoul Wednesday and will file for receivership...

Bloomberg 2016-08-31

Chance for East Asia to move on from the past

When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe committed $30 billion to African infrastructure development, it was with the intention of competing with China for influence there. When the government of Japan decided to boost military spending and maritime...

China Daily 2016-08-31

Busy time for Newcastle testing UAV capability (Royal Australian Navy)

(Source: Royal Australian Navy) The crew of HMAS Newcastle found their recent Sea Qualification Trials demanding, testing weapons and engineering systems after a lengthy maintenance period. Added to this hive of activity was the embarkation of the...

Public Technologies 2016-08-31

SURFING MONTH (The Office of the Governor of the State of North Carolina)

(Source: The Office of the Governor of the State of North Carolina) WHEREAS, North Carolina is a pioneer of East Coast surfing, with written documentation of surfing activities in 1909 in the form of a letter by Wrightsville Beach resident Burke...

Public Technologies 2016-08-31

Belt and Road Initiative for global benefit

The international community hopes the G20 summit in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, will raise global investments and optimize the use of financial mechanisms. And given its framework, the G20 should view the China-proposed Belt and Road...

China Daily 2016-08-31

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest, 8/30/2016 (President of the United States)

(Source: President of the United States) James S. Brady Press Briefing Room 11:33 A.M. EDT MR. EARNEST: Good morning, everybody. I do not have any announcements at the top, so we can go straight to questions. Darlene, do you want to start? Q Sure....

Public Technologies 2016-08-31

No Coal in Oakland: A Report on the Campaign (Occupy Oakland)

(Source: Occupy Oakland) Many activists have expressed interest in an account of how the No Coal in Oakland campaign was organized. This article is a response, but is not a history. It is structured thematically rather than chronologically, and the...

Public Technologies 2016-08-31

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